Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Details

Army ROTC scholarships pay:

  1. Full cost of tuition and fees OR a $10,000/year room and board allowance
  2. $1,200/year for books
  3. $420/month stipend

Full Cost Tuition

All Army ROTC scholarships are awarded based on merit and grades, not financial need. There are two distinct periods when a student can apply for an Army ROTC scholarship. The first period occurs when the student is a senior in high school. Applicants compete for national scholarship opportunities utilizing the application and process located here:

The second period is available while the student is on campus. At UCR, students interested in competing for scholarships begin participation in the program and submit an application. Claremont McKenna College receives source funding through Cadet Command. Student applications from all six schools in the program are reviewed and judged against one another based on the availability of funds for each grade level. In 2019, three (two sophomores and one freshman) successfully competed for and were awarded full scholarships that will cover the remainder of their tuition and fees costs at UCR.

Campus Base Scholarship

If a student did not compete for a scholarship while in High School, there are opportunities to compete for campus-based scholarships once enrolled at UC Riverside. A selection board meets three times during the Student’s senior year to determine award winners. These Boards are held in October, January, and March. Scholarship award winners are notified no later than May of their senior year. It behooves an applicant to submit all materials prior to the first board so that the packet has maximum exposure. 

Contracted Cadets

Other merit-based scholarships are available through the National Guard or Reserve components that offer the same tuition or room and board guarantees, but require a contract to serve with that component after graduation. Regardless of scholarship, all contracted cadets receive a stipend of $420 per month.